Hello everyone! Did you miss us?

We're back, and now on a hosted service that I (hopefully) can't break! Hurray!

I'm still tweaking some things here and have lots of ideas on ways to improve we*heart*prints. More frequent postings are #1, don't worry. I'm also adding categories, prints will now be broken down by price and possibly some other tags that I haven't figured out yet. If you have ideas let me know! I have also added a submission page, please read it if you're interested in having your prints posted here. I will also be also be adding we*heart*prints to twitter, facebook and myspace, and hopefully soon an email subscription type of service.

I HAVE gotten ALL of your emails, and am working my way through them. If you emailed me longer then six months ago you might want to try sending me a new one.

The old site is still around, please let me know if anyone wants to browse through the archives!


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