Kris Lewis

$ 400

OMG there's a bunch of lovely new prints from Copro Nason, including this incredible one from Kris Lewis which is printed on wood AND framed. I am not allowing myself to buy any more art at the moment (I kind of have something like um… twenty… prints sitting around in my house, waiting to be framed) but OH MAN am I dying for this – I own one of Copro Nason's Audrey Kawasaki wood prints, and trust me these things are incredible, they're still not paintings, but a big step up from a framed print on a wall.

Also check out the MASSIVE one from Sas Christian on canvas, the gorgeous giclee on wood from Kukula, and the awesome gilcee on board from Joe Vaux. And if you haven't already seen it this framed Thomas Han is fantastic as well.