Aesthetic Apparatus



A few months ago my husband and I started our own company called Simpleform. It's very very small (just us two at the moment) and one day he imed this to me, joking that this should be our companies motto. It's pretty damn fitting and is our companies first decorative art purchase for the office that we hope to someday have. It was a fine fine choice, this four color screen print is absolutely beautiful in that way that only screen prints can be, great vivid colors, crisp borders, sweet thick paper. Beyond happy with this one.

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Audrey Kawasaki



Audrey Kawasaki is in an upcoming show at Roq La Rou called Tiger Tiger Burning Right, and they're making a limited edition print of her piece.

From Audrey's Blog:

There will be an exclusive print of the above "Negaigoto" painting that
will be available at the show.
ALL proceeds going to the David
Sheldrick Wildlife Trust as well as the Wildlife Conservation Society.

Kirsten at Roq La Rue:
"Hello- I just wanted to let people know
about our third print in our charity series, this time with Audrey
Kawasaki! Roq La Rue is funding a print with Audrey with ALL proceeds
going to the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust as well as the Wildlife
Conservation Society to be earmarked for Tiger Conservation.
image is from Audrey's original painting from Roq La Rue's "Tiger Tiger
Burning Bright" show opening Friday May 14th. We will be offering this
print to walk ins ONLY the night of the opening. Any left over prints
will be offered to a list we are maintaining…so if you'd like to order
one you can send me your email. The day after the opening we will be
emailing everyone to let them know about availability and status.
(Emailing me does not guarantee anything- it just puts you on the list!)

print is the image above. 18.5×16" print on a 18.5 x17" sheet. Edition
of 100. $200. each. One per household.
This is printed by Audrey's
usual printer so you know the quality is great!

You can email me

Get more info about the show at the Roq la Rue website.

Sam Weber



Gorgeous work from one of my absolute favorite artists Sam Weber. I think this is his first print, it's from an illustration that he did called Oryx for Dellas Graphics, and it looks absolutely fantastic.

"I named this after a character from Margaret Atwood’s Oryx and
Although the figure depicted bears no narrative resemblance
to the aforementioned, there is something about the pose and colour that
evokes themes within the novel that I found fitting. I’ll do this
often, try to conjure the sense of a character I have read or heard
about, even if it does not directly relate to the problem at hand. I
think part of it is about satisfying certain artistic compulsions, and
part of it is about creating something that feels convincing."


One time edition of 25.
Signed and numbered.
Paper size: 11 x 15.5
Acid free fine art rag paper.

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Wonderful graphic work from milimbo. This would be so hot in a nursery.

Original scene of Little Riding Hood. Printed on archival heavyweight
paper with high quality pigment inks. Belongs to a limited edition of 25
The measures 12" x 16” (30 x 40 cm), with border.

dated, numbered, and shipped with care in a folder.

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