Aesthetic Apparatus



A few months ago my husband and I started our own company called Simpleform. It's very very small (just us two at the moment) and one day he imed this to me, joking that this should be our companies motto. It's pretty damn fitting and is our companies first decorative art purchase for the office that we hope to someday have. It was a fine fine choice, this four color screen print is absolutely beautiful in that way that only screen prints can be, great vivid colors, crisp borders, sweet thick paper. Beyond happy with this one.

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Alberto Cerriteno


Super fun print from Alberto Cerriteno. Check out the hand drawn signatures – super awesome!


13" X 19" Giclee Print on 100% cotton rag, acid free base, fine art
paper, signed by hand.
Limited edition of ONLY 20 Prints!!!
in stay flat mailer and protected with print protector bag for
long-term storage.

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Jonathan Viner



Wonderful colors from Jonathan Viner. This would look so amazing in a dark gray room with a white couch and blue and yellow pillows. Ahem. Did I mention that I've been decorating our house?

From Viner's website:

Image size: 15.5" x 20.5"

Paper size: 17" x 22"

Edition size: 50

Paper: Hahnemuhle Photo Rag (460 gsm)

Date of print: October 2009

Each print is signed and numbered by Jonathan Viner.

The image is covered with three coats of matte varnish, increasing
its durability as well as the intensity and depth of colors. The paper
is extra heavyweight with a very subtle texture. Smooth, but not too