Audrey Kawasaki

$ 180

Audrey redesigned her site (umm, yeah so it was over a month ago, I've been busy!) and added a store, which has a few of her prints for sale, including this very very cute one. She also posted some new stuff that I hadn't seen before like this, this and even more on her blog – I like the very art nouveau and slightly more adult turn her work is taking very much.

Also I am getting insanely comment spammed and my weheart email is full off emails about it, I haven't gotten a chance to sort out everything yet. If you have written to me in the past couple of months and I haven't responded, I'm sorry. I'm just having a rough time sorting all the junk mail and comments out…

Alex Gross

$ 75

Alex Grosses Butterflies in the Rain is my favorite print from Pressure Printings A Curious Show. I can't help but sit here wondering why she's carrying that skull around…

Also, James Jeans lovely Taciturn is still available, and there's a preview of the Mark Ryden print that they've been teasing us with all year.

In other news, I am starting to use tags again. Does anybody actually use them or want to see them used in any particular way?

Tony Millonaire

$ 200

My jaw literally dropped when I went to this site. The prints are done on an albion hand-press, some by very well known artists (there's a Mark Ryden print coming up soon, can't wait to see what that looks like), and, AND!! they also craft almost everything they do into exquisitely detailed presentations. Everything on their site is worth checking out, but I especially enjoyed the Baseman portfolio, the insanely ornately framed Glenn Barr giclées, and the Daniel Martin Diaz series on Exorcism.

In other news the rss feed now includes images! I'll be doing some additional formatting over the weekend, but it should be at least functional now.