Femke Hiemstra



God I love Pressure Printing's stuff. Always gorgeous, always immaculate, always breathtakingly well done. I want to stand up and applaud them. Seriously, they deserve a print making award. This print is 12.75” × 8.75”, printed intaglio on custom Twinrocker paper with Charbonnel inks, embossed with an illustrated title designed by the artist, signed and numbered by the artist, AND comes with a custom-designed, perforated, signed and numbered certificate of authenticity.

They also have an AMAZING Ron English print with one of the most awesome frames I've ever seen. Bravo, Pressure Printing, Bravo.

Julian Callos



Maybe it's the sugar skull. Maybe it's the peonies shooting out of the skulls eyesockets. Maybe it's the crows. And the feathers. And the butterfly plaque. Anyway, I LOVE this print, it's full of so many of my favorite things.

$25 for a 13×19", $40 for a 18×24", and $80 for a 24×36". It's an open-ended giclée print on 100% cotton rag paper using archival inks. I think the 18×24" is the best deal, but if I was buying this I'd go all the way up to 24×36" so that I could check out all the details. From INPRNT.