Carson Ellis

$ 200

I am a complete sucker for print sets, especially ones that come in gift boxes with certificates (I have a secret dream of being a packaging designer, what can I say). I can display them in so many different ways! And it's such a pretty little box! With such a cute little certificate! And it's such a great combination of prints! Get a closer look at all the prints here.

Gregory Euclide

$ 150

"At first glance, his abstract paintings and mixed media collages at the Cedarburg Cultural Center present sweetly swirling, overly pretty places, with soft edges and wisps of greens and blues. On closer inspection, though, they are a churning chaos.
At that close range we discover multiple territories, miniature landscapes floating, strings of text that signify memory or thoughts, physics equations from high school textbooks, scientific notations, clusters of symbols, cross-sections of plants and animals, and architectural drawings."

Irina Troitskaya

$ 40

"My friend's child invented such game:
when you're going somewhere on subway for a long time, bored, just tell your friend beside you: "You'll be a bear and i'll be a wolf". Imagine! After that you and your friend just keep moving. But! He's a bear and you're a wolf!"

$500 from this run of prints goes to greenpeace. it's only been up a day and has already sold 65 of a hundred prints – so get yer ass over there if you want one!