Sam Weber



Gorgeous work from one of my absolute favorite artists Sam Weber. I think this is his first print, it's from an illustration that he did called Oryx for Dellas Graphics, and it looks absolutely fantastic.

"I named this after a character from Margaret Atwood’s Oryx and
Although the figure depicted bears no narrative resemblance
to the aforementioned, there is something about the pose and colour that
evokes themes within the novel that I found fitting. I’ll do this
often, try to conjure the sense of a character I have read or heard
about, even if it does not directly relate to the problem at hand. I
think part of it is about satisfying certain artistic compulsions, and
part of it is about creating something that feels convincing."


One time edition of 25.
Signed and numbered.
Paper size: 11 x 15.5
Acid free fine art rag paper.

Get it from Sam Weber.

Kiersten Essenpries

Aapaper set


Set of 10 limited edition prints from Kiersten, signed & numbered. They're on the smaller side – but 10 prints! All at once! These would look awesome framed and grouped together on a wall.



– Set of 10 Limited
Edition Prints

– Each signed and numbered by artist

– Archival grade Fine Art Velvet Paper

– 100% cotton rag / 260 gsm

– Hand Feathered edges

– Edition of 50


7 1/2 in x 9 1/2 in (paper)

4 3/4 in x 6 3/4
in (image)

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Sophie Henson


£95 each (+shipping)

God I love stuff like this. I wish I had the talent to pull off hand drawn lettering, but alas I have to just fawn over it from afar. Or now, from across my living room.


Limited Edition of 25
3-colour silk screen print
270gsm colourplan paper
Signed and numbered

A2 (16.5"x23.4")

Postage Rates
UK & Ireland: £5
Europe: £8.50
Rest of world: £10.50

Get it at Sophie Henson's shop.

Micah Lidberg


€ 240

Awesome work by Micah Lidberg. Guessing that there's going to be more prints coming from him in the future since he's working on his own online store.


Limited edition of 15. Size: 60x80cm.
print on 320gsm Hahnemuehle Ultrasmooth fine art matte paper.

Get it at The Few Gallery.

Alberto Cerriteno


Super fun print from Alberto Cerriteno. Check out the hand drawn signatures – super awesome!


13" X 19" Giclee Print on 100% cotton rag, acid free base, fine art
paper, signed by hand.
Limited edition of ONLY 20 Prints!!!
in stay flat mailer and protected with print protector bag for
long-term storage.

Get it on Etsy.

Shannon Bonatakis



This print reminds me of a time when my friend and I were hanging out in SF's Casanova bar. They have a few lovely black velvet paintings and we started arguing about which one was better. We had both picked our favorites, presented our theories, and were not EVER going to budge on which piece was better. This print is something that I think we could both agree is absolutely FANTASTIC. 

This is a signed and numbered giclee print. Edition of 50.