Jason Limon



Charming little 6×8 letterpressed print run of 50 by Jason Limon. $10! There are also six artist proofs left, those are going for $15. Also some fantastic originals from $130-600.

Also Audrey Kawasaki announced on her blog that she is going to print both Yuuwaku and my personal favorite, Hyakki Yako. One will be sold over a certain amount of time, the other will be a regular print sale. I'd love for her to do Hyakki Yako on wood like the prints she's done with Corpo Gallery in the past. Keeping my fingers crossed.

2009 Holiday Guide

Sorry for being a day late. But look! 20 prints! That’s 20 days of posts! All at once! Let’s get started.

$50 & Under

Cheap classy looking prints from some amazing artists.


Brendan Monroe $10

I love Brendan Monroe’s stuff. I wish he did more prints, especially of the awesomeness that is this painting. Check out the closeups of this piece – there are little people in there! Printed offset on a nice uncoated paper stock, measures 63 x 48.5 cm or 24.75 x 19 inches.


Julie Dillon $35

So very very gorgeous. 8×10 from Thumbtack Press. 


Anne Cibola $40

Poketo is killing it with their letter pressed prints (there might be another one coming up in a bit). Who knew that $40 could buy so much class?


Sollinero $50

Loving Sollinero’s awesome absolutely AMAZING Silkscreen prints. They’re done on 280 gm paper, are 8.5 x 16 inch and are numbered and signed. Found via grain edit.


Little Friends of Printmaking $40

Holy crap this letterpress is awesome. And $40! Seriously? Why haven’t you bought this yet?

Moderately Priced & Gorgeous

I think these prints fall into what most people pay for art prints.


Eric Fortune $125

So unbelievably gorgeous. 14.75″ x 20.75″ giclee on watercolor Paper, signed and limited to 30.


Robert Hardgrave $85

Beautiful print from BLKMRKT. 5-color screenprint
on 100% cotton rag, edition of 100,
Sized 24 x 18 inches /
61 x 45.7 cm


MARS-1 $85

Awesome print of MARS-1’s spacey landscape abstract goodness. Offset Lithograph, Signed and Numbered edition of 450 from Jonathan Levine Gallery.


Andy Kehoe $130

Such a great story in this one, and Andy’s folksy style fits it so well. Limited to an edition of 50 and is sized to 22″x22″ (image has a 2″ border).


Stella Im Hultberg $150

Beautifully flowing giclee on fine art paper from Stella. Sized at 16″ x 20″, limited to 150.

Prints for Kids

Get some great story time cues from these beautiful prints.


APAK $30

Such a sweet little scene from APAK.

Limited edition of 100. Numbered and signed. Giclee print with archival ink on acid-free cotton rag paper. It comes with a backing board in a protective plastic sleeve.
Image size: 5″x7″ Paper size: 6″x9″


Christopher Lee $20

I cannot possibly describe this print better than Christopher does.

“The greatest diamond heist in the world was accomplished by a sleepy boy and his jewel hungry friend. Some say the creature ate the diamond. If that’s true, then I say let him have it. The world is better off less one shiny rock.”

Edition of 100, hand signed and numbered
sized 9.5″ x 13″.


Julia Sonmi Heglund $50

Oh the stories that could come out of this print. 24″ x 24″ unlimited gilcee print from inPRNT.



Heiko $34.99

Heiko is my favorite artist on Thumbtack Press and every single one of his prints is imaginative, awesome, and CMYK. What else could you need? Check out the full list of prints here.



Julie Mercier € 59

If you have a child you need this print. Period.

Extravagant Prints

Pricey but totally 100% worth it, from artists who original pieces would cost thousands more.


James Jean Inquire

If I was going to buy one print right now, this would be it. This print was included in Process Recess Vol. 3, Limited Edition which has sold out. However Pressure Printing is selling the printer proofs, but like all valuable beautiful things you have to inquire about the price. I’m guessing they are quite pricy.


Dave Kinsey $500

ENORMOUS Dave Kinsey print done by BLKMRKT so you know it’s gorgeous as all hell. 34″ x 43″ inches of signed stamped and numbered gilcee love.


Jeremy Geddes $190, 350, & 850

Wow. Simply stunning Jeremy Geddes, limited to an addition of 200. Also available as a set with the equally awesome Red Cosmonaut for $350 and at $850 at the eyepoppingly massive size of 46″ x 43″.


Lori Earley $450

Absolutely gorgeous and quite large print from the always fantastic Lori Earley. 24″ x 36″ gilcee on canvas.


Ray Ceasar Inquire

I adore Ray Ceaser’s work, but because he works digitally his pricing structure is a bit different. In the past the way how it worked was that the price of the print went up depending on what number it was in the print run. For example, number 10 would be $500. But number 1 would be $5,000. Supply and Demand anyone?

40 x 60
Edition OF 10
Ultrachrome print on Lustre Paper.


Miss Van $450

Come on people. Antlers, a corset, a tutu, a fox, smeared makeup AND boobs. How can you not love this?

These are a bit late, so you might have to contact the galleries or artists to see if they can speed up shipping. Or check back this afternoon for a printable “Coming soon” card.

Audrey Kawasaki


First, my apologies as I'm pretty sure this isn't available. Audrey Kawasaki's latest show at Jonathan Levine Gallery was tonight. This print was available at the show and limited to an edition of 150… so I'm sure it's probably sold out already. They also have this totally awesome new piece that I wish I would have had the money to buy:

Seriously how fantastic is that?

She did mention on her blog that she's going to release a new print in the new year by running a poll and then doing a Time Limited print edition again. Keeping my fingers crossed that this is in the poll.

Gift guide is coming, I swear, and it is AWESOME. Will be posted on Monday morning.

Femke Hiemstra



God I love Pressure Printing's stuff. Always gorgeous, always immaculate, always breathtakingly well done. I want to stand up and applaud them. Seriously, they deserve a print making award. This print is 12.75” × 8.75”, printed intaglio on custom Twinrocker paper with Charbonnel inks, embossed with an illustrated title designed by the artist, signed and numbered by the artist, AND comes with a custom-designed, perforated, signed and numbered certificate of authenticity.

They also have an AMAZING Ron English print with one of the most awesome frames I've ever seen. Bravo, Pressure Printing, Bravo.

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