Kathleen Lolley

$ 15

I actually found Kathleen Lolley over at Art Star, but then dig a little deeper and found that she ALSO has just made a bunch of prints over at Kopilot. I like all of her stuff but have a tendency to lean a little bit more towards her stripped down monochrome pieces. Failed experiment is my favorite of her prints, but untitled experiment is definetely a close second. Also check out A story of us, part one and part two.

Ken Wong

$ 35

When I found this print among Ken Wong's new stuff at Thumbtack all I could think was 'Oh my.' Also Ken does something on his site that is super helpful to me and I'd like to see a lot more of – he includes a HUGE image of his work. Seriously, this is so nice because I actually get to get a feeling of the level of detail done to the piece, which makes me feel way more secure about buying it without seeing it in person.


$ 200

There's a ton of great new work from MARS-1 on lineage, and also two brand new prints available. If you want to see his new paintings, click on the little back arrow that's up above the right side of the image. He's having a show there until July 2nd with Damon Soule, who has a lot of nice work but no prints for sale, although his simpler "mixed media" pieces (am i the only one who hates that term? tell me what it is dammit!) are going for $400, which is pretty reasonable. I'm guessing in this case they're ink and marker pieces, but I could be completely wrong.

In other news Gregory Euclide's show at White Walls in San Francisco opened up today and will be open until July. If you're nearby make sure you go check it out, his work is awe-inspiring in person. Oh, if only I had $2600 to spend on art…