Ray Fenwick

$ 20

This is a rare one for me as I typically will not purchase art with lettering or anything relating to bands, period. But since I found Ray Fenwick through Andre a few weeks ago he's swiftly became my favorite flickr contact, and I was super excited to get my hands on some of his work. I am so completely in love with the whole hair concept this one, but all of Ray's work is amazing, period.

Tony Millonaire

$ 200

My jaw literally dropped when I went to this site. The prints are done on an albion hand-press, some by very well known artists (there's a Mark Ryden print coming up soon, can't wait to see what that looks like), and, AND!! they also craft almost everything they do into exquisitely detailed presentations. Everything on their site is worth checking out, but I especially enjoyed the Baseman portfolio, the insanely ornately framed Glenn Barr giclées, and the Daniel Martin Diaz series on Exorcism.

In other news the rss feed now includes images! I'll be doing some additional formatting over the weekend, but it should be at least functional now.